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Who We Are

Until December 2019, Wyoming was the only state without any form of food policy council. However, numerous producers, local food networks, food security and justice collaborations, institutions of higher education, and other food system leaders had been working for years to address challenges across the state. In late 2019, leaders from these sectors met and combined decades of experience to form the Wyoming Food Coalition. Our mission is to strengthen local food systems by connecting stakeholders and amplifying their voices so that Wyoming producers, eaters, and environments thrive.


To strengthen local food systems by connecting stakeholders and amplifying their voices so that Wyoming producers, consumers, and environments thrive.


We envision sustainable local food economies in Wyoming that are diverse, thriving, and equitable.


  • Equity & Inclusivity

  • Shared Leadership with Accountability & Transparency Environmental Sustainability

  • Economic Opportunity

  • Indigenous Sovereignty Dignity & Respect

  • Action

Current Projects & Priorities

We are always striving towards strengthening Wyoming’s local food system. Below you will find a list of our ongoing actions and goals.

  1. Increasing access to farmers markets and food box programs for families stretching low incomes.

  2. Action-research regarding impacts of no-cost Community Supported Agriculture on food security with Edible Prairie Project.

  3. Promoting the Wyoming Soil Health Initiative.

  4. Expanding sales opportunities through the Wyoming Food Freedom Act.

  5. Speaker series and monthly newsletter highlighting working group activities.

Meeting Information

Working Group meetings occur on a regular advertised schedule and can be viewed online

via Zoom. Please check our calendar for specific dates and times.


Agendas and minutes from previous meetings can be found in the calendar schedule below.

Board of Directors

   Working Group Meetings: Dates and Times


  • Healthy Peoples Working group meets Second Monday    3-4pm

  • Strong Native Communities meets Second Tuesday    12-1pm

  • Policy Working Group meets Third Wednesday    1:30-2:30pm

  • Vibrant Producers Working Group meets Third Thursday    12-1pm

  • Strategic Communications Working Group meets Third Thursday    1-2pm

  • Sustainable Ecosystems Working Group meets the First Monday every other month  

  • Fairness & Justice Working Group meets Quarterly; next meeting Oct 30, 10am

    ** Scroll down to view our dynamic Calendar that allows you to click on a specific event

         on the schedule to obtain the Zoom link to the various meetings.

Meet The Team

Board Meeting & Working Groups Schedule

The Wyoming Food Coalition Board of Directors meets once per month, on the first Tuesday of the month. To view meeting agendas and minutes, use the embedded calendar below to locate the specific meeting.






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