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What We Do

Current Projects & Priorities

The Wyoming Food Coalition formed in 2020, bringing together multiple efforts to improve food in
Wyoming. We built a collaborative model spanning topics from helping farmers and ranchers grow more
food, to helping bring that food to all Wyomingites.

Our organization is a statewide nonprofit working to strengthen local food systems by connecting
stakeholders and amplifying their voices so that Wyoming producers, consumers, and environments
thrive. Our members work to address challenges in Wyoming’s food systems at every point – with an
emphasis on connecting Wyomingites with local food.

Farmers, ranchers and other local producers are at the core of many of our projects. Without food
production, there is simply no food to distribute. From legislative advocacy to promoting farm-to-table
connections, supporting the Wyoming Food Coalition means supporting your local farmers and ranchers.
Your donation allows us to maintain  a presence at legislative sessions to make sure the voices of
farmers and ranchers are heard when it come to local-food and agriculture law.

Our Successes

Legislative Advocacy for Farmers, Ranchers, and Local Food Producers

 WFC has fought for local food rights in State and Federal legislative activities.

We’ve testified in numerous State legislative committees regarding protection and expansion of
the Wyoming Food Freedom Act (WFFA) and food security policies. In 2022 and 2023, we worked
directly with Wyoming legislators on crafting amendments to the WFFA that expanded local food

 We have also participated in National Farmers Union listening sessions with Federal legislators,
both in person and via telephone, speaking to the needs of farmers and ranchers.

Promoting Local Food

 WFC established a liaison connection with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Consumer
Health Services office to facilitate and mediate questions regarding the Wyoming Food Freedom
Act on behalf of producers.

 Many of our regular speaker series featured extension office experts and producers providing
advice for improving production, on scales ranging from full-time agricultural production to
backyard gardening.

 Our 2021 and 2022 annual conferences included a buyer-producer summit, connecting
procurement agents from large organizations with producers from around the state. This
connection provided insight into how producers can set themselves up for success in selling to
larger organizations.

 A major focus of our Vibrant Farms working group has been supporting efforts of EatWyoming,
a nonprofit that operates a statewide transportation and sales network to connect Wyoming
producers with Wyoming consumers in a model farm-to-table CSA-style operation.

Improving Food Security

 WFC’s Healthy People working group hosted a speaker series ahead of the 2022-2023 school
year providing direction to families on completing applications for free and reduced meals.
These applications had been waived for two years during COVID, leaving many families
unfamiliar with the process.

 Similarly, this working group has hosted several speaker series and sessions at annual
conferences, highlighting the challenges of food security in Wyoming and how to support
programs working to feed families.

 Several members have worked hand-in-hand with First Lady Jenny Gordon’s Wyoming Food
Hunger Initiative, to address food security in the state with an emphasis on sourcing local food.

Promoting Sustainable Ecosystems

 WFC’s Sustainable Ecosystems working group was a key member in establishing the Wyoming
Collaborative for Healthy Soils. This initiative is focused on helping producers access information
and support to implement sustainable agriculture practices that improve production and overall
ecosystem health.

 This working group has also hosted several speaker series featuring prominent experts on
sustainable agriculture practices, providing an opportunity for producers to learn and ask
questions with field experts.

Supporting Strong Native Communities

 WFC has supported efforts to improve the health and food security of native communities in
Wyoming. Specifically, we work with organizations such as the Wind River Food Sovereignty
Project and Wind River Development Fund.

Your Support for WFC Initiatives

Your donations to the Wyoming Food Coalition will directly support our 2023 - 2026 goals:
 Executive Director salary for a paid position to engage in legislative advocacy and coordinate
various projects to benefit Wyoming’s producers.

 Developing and promoting a local food producer directory and availability map.
 Expanding local food accessibility through both legislative action and consumer connection. The
overarching goal is to make it easier for people and organizations to find and purchase local food
from Wyoming farms and ranchers.

 Assisting with programs to support expanded food access in schools, as well as broader food
security in Wyoming.

 Supporting programs that promote sourcing local food in public school meals.
 Developing a healthy soils toolkit to provide producers with resources to implement sustainable
agriculture practices.

 Participating in the steering committee for United States Department of Agriculture regional
food business centers, setting the vision for how federal funds can best support local food
efforts in Wyoming and surrounding states.

 Developing white papers and guides on the Federal Farm Bill and the Wyoming Food Freedom

 Consulting with legal advisors on producer issues with food licensing and sales under the WFFA,
particularly when rules are unclear or inconsistent.

 Directing help (including legal support as necessary) for producers and retailers when it comes
to clarification on rules with the WY Department of Agriculture and local health departments.
 Building, expanding, and maintaining food sovereignty for our Native Communities in Wyoming.

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